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My name is Christian Mayer, and I’m an American expatriate in France. I’ve been living here since 1992.             I really enjoy taking visitors on Private Sightseeing Tour, there’s so much to see in this beautiful Country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Please feel free to contact me:

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Eight years ago I left Paris and resettled in the Southwest, not too far from Bordeaux. …Come discover the Southwest for yourself and you’ll see: this is the most beautiful part of France. Visit Dordogne, Occitania and the Basque Country with me. I’ll be your private sightseeing driver and guide, with me you’ll see the most beautiful places in France.


Dordogne is a beautiful region where you can visit impressive fortified castles dating back to the 11th century; most of these castles were built during the 100 years war!

For a detailed description of the Fortified Castles and Medieval Villages Private Sightseeing Tour, please click here.

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This region is also home to Lascaux, famous painted cave. Lascaux is often called “the Sistene Chapel of cave art”. But there are many more caves in this region. One of my favorites is the Grotte de Rouffignac: “Cave of 1000 Mammoths”.

For more information on the Private Sightseeing Tour to Lascaux, and to see the amazing painted caves, please follow this link.


The Private sightseeing tour to Carcassonne and the Cathar  Country takes you through Occitania. Visit this region and learn about the Cathar tragedy, and the deadly crusades. Occitania is the region surrounding Toulouse, Carcassonne, and Albi. The Cathar people came to a terrible fate here. Have you heard of the Albigensian Crusades?

The Basque Country is a colorful, fascinating region to explore. Although we think of the Basque Country as Spanish, it actually sits partly in France. Here the Pyrenees mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean, and the scenery is dramatic. This autonomous region, located along the border between France and Spain is both mysterious and intriguing. The Basque people welcome you with wonderful hospitality and creative gastronomy.

Explore the Basque Country with Christian Mayer. Private Sightseeing Tours depart from Biarritz, Bayonne and Saint Jean de Luz in France, and also from San Sebastian, and Bilbao, in Spain.


Wine Tasting Tours in Bordeaux – from Médoc to St Emilion     If you arrive by Cruise ship, I have a special tour just for you:

Bilbao Shore excursion – Visit the Basque Country

with private driver guide Christian Mayer.

Come visit the Basque Country with me and I’ll help you learn about the marvelous culture – while you discover this fantastic and unique part of the world.
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