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Lascaux Sightseeing Tour

Bordeaux to Lascaux and Dordogne Valley Private Sightseeing Tour

Lascaux Sightseeing TourThe Lascaux Sightseeing Tour: a private excursion from Bordeaux. Enjoy visiting the famous painted caves, and see amazing Prehistoric Art.

Lascaux Sightseeing TourThis private day-trip: the Lascaux sightseeing Tour takes you into the very heart of France. The drive to Dordogne and Lascaux takes a little over 2 hours, so its good to get an early start. We’ll drive directly to Montignac, a cute little town next to Lascaux. Our first stop will be the International center for Parietal Art, where you’ll discover the most famous painted cave in the world. In addition to the visit of the painted caves you’ll learn the fascinating history of Lascaux, and have a chance to take your own photos of the paintings. However, there are many more caverns filled with prehistoric art in the region.

The Lascaux Sightseeing Tour also takes you to visit the Grotte de Rouffignac, “the cave of 1000 mammoths”. In this enormous cavern you can still see original prehistoric art. You’ll board a small electric train which takes you deep down into the earth. Here you’ll see real, authentic drawings and engravings – because in Lascaux you visit a replica. (The original Lascaux cave is no longer open to the public.)


Lascaux Sightseeing Tour

The Lascaux Sightseeing Tour then takes you from Montignac through Saint-Leon de Vezere to Les Eyzies de Tayac. It was here, in March 1868 – that we discovered the earliest known examples of Homo sapiens. Learn more about the Cro Magnon skeletons, and how they got their name. When we get to Les Eyzies, we’ll where you may choose to visit the National prehistoric museum.Rouffignac

Lascaux Sightseeing Tour

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