Sightseeing in France
w/ Private Driver-Guide

Tour to Carcassonne and Albi

This private excursion takes you from Toulouse to Carcassonne, Lastours and Albi.

The Tour to Carcassonne and Albi lasts about 8 hours. The price  for up to 6 passengers =

Free consultation !

Have you heard of Carcassonne? Famous for its role in the Albigensian Crusades, the city was a stronghold of the Cathars. Its construction is a concentric design of two outer walls with defensive towers. It was built to withstand an attack by siege engines. Visiting this fabulous UNESCO world heritage site will take you back to the Middle Ages; back to the era of pilgrims, Templar knights, and crusaders.


Lastours copyLastours is a former Cathar stronghold. Four small castles built within a very close proximity. Their history is a testament to the terrible fate the Cathar people suffered.  They were first ruthlessly persecuted through the Albigensian crusades – and then completely exterminated through the inquisition.



Albi: The “Red City” is where you can visit the famous Toulouse-Lautrec museum. After exterminating the Cathars, the Catholic church built the largest red-brick cathedral in the world here as a show of power over the vanquished Cathar people.


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