Sightseeing in France
Carcassonne. When it’s time… I’ll take you there. Privately. Safely. Comfortably. Sightseeing in France

Sightseeing in France: Private multilingual Driver Guide

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Hi – my name is Christian, I have been Sightseeing in France since 1992. I love helping travelers enjoy and explore this marvelous country. So this is why I became a private driver-guide . So come and discover the best of France with me!

Sightseeing in Franc
Explore France and Northern Spain with Christian

How would you like to visit the most beautiful part of France? Come along with me, and we’ll Discover Dordogne! To clarify, I’ll take you to see the most amazing 11th century fortified castles and villages. These Castles, for example, perched on cliffs overlooking the Dordogne river, were built to withstand a siege! As your driver-guide, I speak fluent English, so you’ll feel comfortable communicating with me. In addition, I also speak fluent French. Consequently, I’ll happily be your personal translator and interpreter!

Sightseeing in Franc

Sightseeing in France is a great way to visit Lascaux

  Seeing these caves and the famous prehistoric paintings is an unforgettable experience. Lascaux, for example, has the most famous cave art in the world. The drive from from Bordeaux takes over 2 hours, but you can relax in my minivan where you’ll feel safe & comfortable. Communication, above all, with me – is clear and easy.


Visit impressive Fortified Castles and Medieval Villages in Dordogne. Explore the Chateau de Beynac, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, La Roque Gageac, Domme, Marqueyssac Gardens and Sarlat.



Visit the famous caves in Dordogne. With me as your private driver guide you’ll discover the best sites for viewing Prehistoric Cave Art – to clarify, its an amazing experience.

Lascaux Sightseeing Tour
“Hi – my name is Christian, I’m an American Expatriate. I’ve been sightseeing France since 1992.”

Basque Country

The Basque Country in the Southwest of France and Northern Spain is simply spectacular. Learn all about this fascinating and unique culture!

Basque Country

My very favorite French region is The Basque Country. Although its most often thought of as part of Spain, this colorful land, where the Pyrenees meet the Atlantic is found partly in France. Come with me on a drive through this little known and mysterious landscape. I’ll show you the mysterious Basque country and in addition you’ll learn about this fascinating culture.  In short, I proudly provide safe transport and historical commentary about life in France as an American expatriate. I have over 29 years’ experience driving in France, in other words – I know France better than most French people!

As an American living here  since 1992; I enjoy helping tourists enjoy the very best of France!”

I appreciate and respect what English-speaking tourists are looking for in France – and can share this with you! With me as your private driver-guide you can relax, enjoying easy and clear communication –  it will help you to feel comfortable in France.

I’ll happily be your personal interpreter and translator when needed.

With over 24 years’ experience driving in France, I provide safe transport and historical commentary with personal anecdotes about life in France as an American expatriate My objective is to help you to maximize your time spent here in France – so that you will most comfortably enjoy all the beauty and history – that you return home filled with spectacular memories of a marvelous adventure.

Please feel free to Contact me with any questions you may have.

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