Sightseeing in France
w/ Private Driver-Guide

Sightseeing in France with Private Driver Guide

American Private Driver Guide

 Sightseeing in France since 1992!

 As an American Expatriate living in France since 1992, I enjoy sharing my experiences – and helping travelers comfortably visit & enjoy this marvelous country.


How would you like to visit the most beautiful part of France? Discover Dordogne! – Historic medieval fortified castles perched on cliffs overlooking 11th century villages with cobblestone streets...Magnificent! I’ll happily be your personal translator and interpreter whenever needed. 

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit Lascaux?   – to see the most famous cave art in the world? I can take you to see these; and other lesser well known, but incredible caves filled with amazing prehistoric art. With me as your private driver-guide, you can relax, enjoying easy and clear communication – this will help you feel comfortable in France.


Another beautiful region to visit in Southwest France is called Occitania: The region around Toulouse, Albi,  Carcassonne and the Cathar Country.  The history of this part of France is as colorful as the picturesque Languedoc Countryside.



My very favorite French region of them all lies partly in Spain – in the Pyrenees and along the Atlantic coast in the furthest corner of Southwest France: The Basque Country. Come with me on a drive through this little known and mysterious land which boasts the oldest language in Europe, its own unique sports competitions, and a rich heritage filled with fascinating culture.  With over 25 years’ experience driving in France, I provide safe transport and historical commentary with personal anecdotes about life in France as an American expatriate.

If you’re looking to visit vineyards and have a wine tasting experience : Let me be your private driver – guide for a Wine tasting tour: In the Bordeaux region; from Medoc to St Emilion, and even elsewhere in France: In Touraine, Champagne, and in Burgundy, as well as in the Rhone valley down to Chateauneuf-du-Pape; My objective is to help you safely maximize your time spent here in France; so you can comfortably enjoy the beauty and history & return w/ spectacular memories of a marvelous adventure.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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