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Please feel free to contact Christian with any questions regarding your visit to France and the Basque Country. Consultations are free of charge.

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Hi, My name is Christian.

I grew up in NM, USA, but moved to France in 1992. As a result, I’ve been exploring this Country for many years as an American expatriate in France. I like helping tourists enjoy the very best of France!”

In other words, I appreciate and respect what English-speaking tourists are looking for in France and I can share this with you!

With me as your private driver-guide you can relax, enjoying easy and clear communication; my objective is to help you feel stress-free and comfortable in France.

I’ll happily be your personal interpreter and translator when needed.

With over 30 years’ experience driving in France, I provide safe transport and historical commentary with personal anecdotes about life in France as an American expatriate. I want to help maximize your time spent here in France – so that you will most comfortably enjoy all the beauty and history – that you return home filled with spectacular memories of a marvelous adventure.

Please feel free to contact Christian with any questions you may have!

Christian :
To call from the US please dial:   011-336-0990-5297 

*** Important: Please call between 9 am & 9 pm European standard time, only!      (click here for France local time)