Loire Valley Castles

The most beautiful Loire Valley Castles were built during the Renaissance.

Chateau de Chenonceau

Visiting the Loire Valley Castles is an adventure in history. King Francois Premier helped bring the Renaissance to France. When he returned after a Crusade to the Holy land, he crossed through Italy. Italy was already in Renaissance. The King brought back with him from Italy many of these Artisans. The most famous of these was none other than Leonardo DaVinci. He lived in Amboise – and he probably designed the most impressive Castle of them all: Chateau de Chambord.

Some other fantastic castles in the Loire Valley include: the Chateau de Villandry, and Chenonceau. Chenonceau spans a bridge over the Cher River. You might have seen photos of the Chateau d’Usse – that’s because its the inspiration for sleeping beauty. My favorite castle, however, is Chaumont-sur-Loire. I could live in this castle! There’s also the Chateau de’Usse.

Loire Valley Castles

For something really special I recommend visiting the Chateau de Breze. This castle is built on top of prehistoric caves, and sits on a hilltop surrounded by vines. You can taste the special wine they make there!

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Loire Valley Castles

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