Normandy Private Sightseeing Tour

Normandy Private Sightseeing Tour
American cemetery at Omaha Beach

Normandy is a fascinating place; filled with history. Normandy Private Sightseeing Tour takes you to explore the this fascinating region. If you are interested in the World War II Landing sites – I know them all. From The Sword Beach landing zone through Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah beaches – I have driven this coastline many many times. There’s so much to see; this WW2 landing zone covers about 100 miles of coastline! If, however – you are not so interested in the war sites, then you’ll love visiting Mont Saint Michel. This beautiful island is one of the UNESCO remarkable sites. I’d be happy to walk you up to the monastery. Come with me and discover the many different routes – there are even some hidden passageways!

Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel
Visiting Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery is Historical, Glorious.

Visiting Mont Saint Michel is Magical.

This Monastery built on an island during high tide is very impressive. You will have to climb a lot of stairs to get to the top – but the views are breathtaking.

Hi – my name is Christian, and I’m an American Expatriate. I’ve been Driving the Normandy Private Sightseeing Tour since 1992.

I appreciate and respect what English-speaking tourists are looking for in France. – and I can share this with you! With me as your private driver-guide you can relax. I want you to feel comfortable in France, and I’ll happily be your personal interpreter and translator when needed.

As an American living here  since 1992; I love helping tourists enjoy the very best of France!”

With over 30 years’ experience driving in France, I provide safe transport and historical commentary. I’ll be happy to tell you all about life in France as an American expatriate, for example. My objective is to help you to maximize your time spent here in France. – so that you will most comfortably enjoy all the beauty and history – that you return home filled with spectacular memories of a marvelous adventure.

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