“My sister and I had the rare opportunity to travel together…  In an effort to maximize our day in the countryside, we found Christian – Private Driver Guide in France, and we will never forget the wonderful day we had.  We appreciated his unique viewpoint by being both American and French, his inside scoop on how to get around, and his willingness to try some brand new places with us.  I have already recommended him to several people that I know will travel to [France] in the upcoming years, and I hope that I will be among them once again.”
– Camille Di Maio

“Hello Christian,
I wanted to let you know how much my sister and I enjoyed your tour … Jen was unsure of what to expect and really loved it! It was definitely a bonus to have an English-speaking guide and you were so knowledgeable and easy to be with.  Thank you again for making our trip memorable.”
 – Sonia Cowell & Sister Jen

“We had 2 great days with Christian. He took us to Sarlat which was magical. Without him we never would have known about this great city. Next day was Bordeaux and St. Emilion. He was a delight and fun to be with.”
– Diane Goldman

“We really enjoyed Christian’s tour. We saw many interesting sites along the way, especially the city of Sarlat. His commentary was very interesting, and it encouraged us to return again to this beautiful part of France.”
– Sterling Helwick

“Christian was GREAT!! We hired him for two days to drive us to the Loire Valley and the Champagne region. He was very knowledgeable and patiently answered our questions. We were traveling with my parents who are a little older and he was great and answering questions for them. My father’s hearing isnt the best, especially when you add an accent to the English. Christian being an American English speaker was invaluable in that regard because my Dad could understand what was being said! Use Christian!”
– Mark Moore

“My family of three needed a guide for two day trips outside of Paris during our recent trip. We found Christian of American Driver in Paris  in an old review on Trip Advisor.
He is great. He is a professional driver who knows his way around France. We were able to create a full day out of trip to Giverny as well as Orleans for the fabulous Festival de Loire. Later in the week we went on an afternoon and evening trip to Reims to see the wonderful laser light show on the cathedral.
He is a wonderful driver with great stories to keep you entertained on long drives. He doesn’t bore you with facts you don’t care about and won’t remember anyway. He takes you behind the scenes and through the back doors to some beautiful places both near and far.
He will create the trip you want — not the one in some book somewhere. If you want to visit a little town on the way or stop a cute cafe for wine, he will do it. He is there to translate when you can’t read the menu or can’t find something.
He also took us around the Arc de Triomphe at rush hour just for fun. (I wish I had had my video camera running since I saw most of it through closed eyes.)
We have hired guides all over Europe and Christian is one of the best.”
– Kathie Kroll
“Dear Christian: Our trip … was fantastic because of your professional services. It was great to just phone when we wanted a ride or wanted to miss the crowds on the Metro or have you drive up & take our packages while we continued to shop! The picnics each day in a different park let us spend more time seeing Paris. And how else could we see the Tour de France on Rue de Rivoli and get out of the crowds after-wards except by your back-street driving! You must have needed lots of sleep after we left Paris since we would start every morning that week “on the run” and go until almost 2a.m.! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon. I send my recommendations to everyone about your extra special Personal Guide and Chauffeured Limo service.”
– Karen Nunnely Young

“Christian made touring … so much more enjoyable than trying to do it on our own. … He was always there for us with the car every morning, throughout the day and in the evening. I hope this picture shows some of the good times we experienced…because he helped make it so!
Our many thanks to Christian!”
– Freda & Don Godsoe

“Christian picked us up in Calais on Friday AM. We drove up the coast of France, and ate lunch at Dieppe. We each had a huge bowl of mussels, the best we have ever had. It was great having Christian as a friend and a guide, because we saw a culture and went places that we would not have gone if he had not been there. Sunday we went to Versailles, and toured for 3 hours. [He] then picked us up….to take us to the “Gare”, the RR station, where we could catch the “Bullet” train to Avignon. The fact that Christian met us in Calais and became our tour guide for 4 days was definitely an asset to us. That gave us a jump start for all of France…
Thanks again for all you did.”
– Charlie and Edy Anderson

“Christian… such a gift with organizational and people skills…. How special it was to have Christian guiding…the trip. He picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel after a quick tour of the city…. He also gave us great recommendations for restaurants and hotels before we arrived….to help plan your trip, upon your arrival, or throughout your journey, it’s well-worth it to have this insider on your side! Thank you so much for your help. – I think this is a great service. Brilliant!”
– Marie-Rose Phan-Le, Kona, Hawaii

“When I was in Paris with my brother and sister in 2007, Christian had just started his company and gave us an unforgettable narrated tour of Paris – including champagne brunch picnic in the garden beside Sacre-Coeur.  Since then, his company has grown to offer trips throughout France.
If you are still planning to visit France on your European trip, I would highly recommend taking a day trip with Christian. He does private driving tours to Normandy, the Loire Valley, Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux, Dordogne…
Christian is not only fluent in several languages, but has deep historical knowledge (and some little-known facts) about Paris and France.  He also gives great advice for getting around the city, good places to eat, etc…”
– Theresa Nidetz, Denver, Colorado