Lascaux Sightseeing Tour

Bordeaux to Lascaux and Dordogne Valley: Private Sightseeing Tour

The Lascaux Sightseeing Tour in Dordogne is an unforgettable experience! Over 600 paintings cover the interior walls and ceilings of the cave. To clarify, the paintings represent mostly large animals, and are around 17,000 years old.

Lascaux Sightseeing Tour

The most famous of the painted caves is Lascaux, discovered in 1940. Some of the amazing art in Lascaux has survived for over 30,000 years!

The drive to Dordogne and Lascaux takes a little over 2 hours, so its good to get an early start. The original Lascaux cave is no longer open to the public, as It was closed in the 1950’s. Instead you get to visit a fantastic replica. I highly recommend it: visiting the New International Center for Parietal Art in Lascaux is brilliant. In addition, there are a handful of caves in the Dordogne Valley you can visit to see real, authentic cave art.

The Lascaux Sightseeing Tour also takes you to visit the Grotte de Rouffignac, “the cave of 1000 mammoths”. In this enormous cavern you can see original prehistoric art. You’ll board a small electric train which takes you deep down into the earth. Here you’ll see real, authentic drawings and engravings – unlike in Lascaux where you visit a replica. (The original Lascaux cave is no longer open to the public.)

I’ll take you there to see for yourself. The cave paintings in Dordogne are fascinating. For example, you’ll find colorful images of animals, horses, mammoths, and even human figures.

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